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Globe Insignia

Precious Metal Specialist

We have quick turnaround processing time with high pay-outs and 20+ Years of Expertise.


Our services include:

• Gold Melting
• Jewelry Scrap (Broken or Unused)
Filings, Including Screws & Castings
• Silver Melting (Jewelry Scrap/Flatware)
• Dental Scrap
• Platinum Melting (Jewelry Scrap/Dental Scrap)

• Stone Recovery
• Hedging of All Metals
• Bench & Floor Sweeps
• Water Sludge/Ultrasonic Solutions
• E-Scrap
• Filters/Shop Cleanup
• Watch Pieces & Cases/Eyeglass Frames

We Also:
• Coordinate Logistics
• Provide Prepaid Material Pickups
• Help Organize Fundraiser Gold Parties
• Offer Transportation
• Provide Shipping Services
• Expedite Your Pickup & Delivery

Payment Options & Pricing:
• Wire Transfer/Check
• Coin - Bars - Grain
• 2nd London Fix - Spot Pricing
• Pool Account

Process Testing:
• X-ray - Fire Correct Assay

Shipping Material

THE NATIONAL REFINING GROUP, INC. can supply and/or arrange for you to receive any shipping material that you need for free so that there's no inconvenience for you whatsoever. Materials include:

• Drums (Barrels or Smaller Fibers)
• Boxes
• Labels
• Pre-Pack Inserts
Pouring Molten Metal

All aspects of the refining process are done and coordinated at our facility. You can contact us with any questions by phone or email (Contact Form) regarding any of your refining needs.